call for performers: maw vocal arts

We host events several times a year under the title MAW: A Community Celebration of the Vocal Arts.

MAW brings an array of vocalists together who may not otherwise see themselves as a community: storytellers, sound healers, choirs and beatboxers have all graced our stage as well as sound poets, vocal improvisers, singer-songwriters and more. Each event is an immersive experience, often blurring the roles of audience and performer, inviting listening and participation in equal measure.

We welcome all forms of ability and diversity, and invite unique vocalizers to make our stage their home.

how to apply

What to prepare

Five minutes of your personal voice practice. Whatever it is, make it yours.

What to submit

Send us an email at, or fill out the form on this website. Introduce yourself and include any relevant links to past or present voice work (videos or sound files), and a short description of what you would like to perform at MAW.


MAW is building its current structure on the success of performances of the past two years, and is currently paying out performers from the first shows before compensating present performers. This means that you will be given transportation costs on the night of the event (either TTC fare x2 or cab fare up to $50 each way within the GTA), and compensation will be offered within the next twelve months as we catch up financially. Our events are Pay What You Can, and we are seeking funding from granting bodies to secure fair (and immediate) payment for every MAW artist in the future.